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“C.R.E.E.P sets out to send a message, and by distinguishing itself with its simplistic style and strong vocal performance that’s riddled with venom, it gets that message across with every bit of brutality it can muster.”

– RGM Magazine

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A 2020 VISION...

Acrid taste on the back portion of your tongue,
The part of the platter that can tell you, you’ve come too close my friend.
Colours soon will rush and passing limbs leave vapour trails all lit up in rainbow
Catch themselves on what’s left of the summer breeze.
I can smell hey bail grass clutched between my fingers,
As Fahrenheit sun sets upon reeked havoc,
Forty thousand in a field with mile long queues for larger and water…


…And then queueing to let it all back out again.
That’s the cycle isn’t it?
A distant memory, a dream

Life in Twenty Nineteen

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Our only live show of 2020, our inaugural year, brought to you by SUNBIRD RECORDS

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